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Give your members their own place to talk.

With the Most advanced Temporary
Voice-Channel Creation.

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What is a Tempy Channel?

A Tempy is a temporary voice channel that's created when a Creation Channel is joined, so the person who joins the Creation Channel creates a Tempy channel. The user who created the Tempy will be moved in it and has the possibility to change the name of the channel and if desired also to kick people out of the channel, the channel will be deleted as far as nobody is in it anymore.

Temporary Text Channel

This is one of the biggest points that makes the Tempy Bot stand out from other bots, you can also activate text creation, if someone joins a voice creation channel, a Tempy voice channel as well as a text channel will be created. All new members in the voice channel can type in the text channels. The creator of the voice channel can even manage messages.

Thus, a separate athmosphere develops, one is among oneself and is not disturbed.

Multiple Creation Channel

You have a bigger server? A server with which you want to offer your
community several different creation channels and thus benefit from
the advantages of the presets of newly created channels?

Then you are exactly right here! Tempy offers an unlimited
number of creation channels for premium servers and three for
non-premium servers.

Fastest Spam Detection

Tempy detects it when a member of your server tries to create a new channel very quickly. After long experience and testing we have developed a system that makes it impossible for users to exploit the channel creation. Tempy will protect your server against the channel creation abuse without sending the user tons of direct messages or giving them uneffective long cooldowns.

Under 1.600* seconds

The creation of a temporary voice channel takes an average of less than 0.4 seconds.
The creation of a voice and text channel takes less than 1.6 seconds,
this making Tempy by far the fastest and most stable bot in channel creation.

* These times depend not only on our servers, but also on the current
status of the Discord API - we guarantee the fastest and most stable
performance possible, if these times differ, it could be due to high
latency on the part of Discord.

Managing Permissions
for channel owners

If one of the users on your server creates a Temp channel, this user gets all rights over this channel. From this moment they can block people from their channel, make the channel invisible, remove access from all people and more.

Shouldn't it be possible (e.g. due to 2FA Requirement) to edit the channel via normal editing, every member has the possibility to rename his channel with commands and to adjust the user limit.

Your Channel. Your Decisions.

It is your channel, so you say who can stay and who cannot. The idea behind the Tempy Bot is to give everyone a little space, not everyone needs their own discord server to feel comfortable, why should they? If you have your own Tempy Channel, you decide what to do, you can even manage the messages in your Tempy Textchannel - it's all about you.

A perfectly organized server.

For you as an owner, it takes 1 minute to setup Tempy, more infos can be read at the Documentation.
In return you get a cleaner server and no useless voice channels anymore.

"Start the conversation with a Tempy!"

Add Tempy to your server and benefit from it's stable and easy to use features.

Live Stats of the Tempy Bot

Here you can see the latest server count of Tempy. It is updated every few hours, our goal is to reach
the 10.000 servers, help us reach our goal and watch the number grow through you, invite here!

It's all about actually free features!

We have done our best to stand out from the competition not only with the design of Tempy, but also functionally.

Save the channel settings/session Yes [NEW] No No
Create Text Channels Yes No (Only Premium) No
Abuse Detection Yes Yes No
Simple and feature-rich setup Yes No No
Predefine the channel name Yes No (Only Premium) No
Predefine the channel position Yes No No
Predefine the user limit (also for a certain channel) Yes No No
Pre-toggle NSFW for new channels Yes No No
Hide your channel from others Yes No No
Block several people and roles from your Temp channel Yes No No
Deletes empty channels in any case Yes No No
Manage your channel with 2fa disabled on 2fa-forcing servers Yes No No

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