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own place to talk.

With the fastest and most popular Discord bot for creating temporary voice and text channels on Discord. Join thousands of servers and millions of members who use Tempy's free features every single day!

By the way, it's  completely free!

Invite Tempy

Click here to invite Tempy to your Discord server for free, the invitation takes only a few seconds.

How to invite Tempy correctly

Setup Tempy

After that, the setup can already start. With the input /setup in your server you start the setup.

How to setup Tempy correctly

Enjoy for free!

After Tempy has been set up, the first temporary voice channel can be created. You can see all Tempy commands by clicking here.

Discover Tempy's commands

Features as special as your Discord server

The features of Tempy cover every one of your needs, we have through years of experience as a developer, as well as a Discord user developed exactly the features that every Discord server needs when it comes to creating temporary voice channels.

Global Configuration

Configure the settings for each Tempy channel created by each Creating channel on your Discord server.

Local Configuration

Configure the settings for each Tempy channel created by a specific Creating channel on your Discord server.

Server Configuration

Configure your server for example the language Tempy should use or the role that is allowed to manage all Tempy settings.

Session Commands

With the unique Session Commands all settings a member of your Discord server has created for his Tempy channel are saved and automatically applied the next time a Tempy channel is created.

Channel Commands

With the Channel Commands of Tempy the owner of a Tempy channel can make all possible settings for his Tempy Voice channel. Among them kicking, muting or blocking users, but also common changes like the channel name or the bitrate are adjustable by Tempy's Channel Commands.

So many people trust Tempy already

Tempy has become the unrivaled first choice for creating temporary voice channels for thousands of servers.
Join the people who already trust Tempy, we promise not to let you down!


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Ready to tidy up your Discord server?

Due to the fact that your Discord server has only temporary voice
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